Bethlehem Landfill


What is the realignment project?

We have proposed a realignment of an approximately 29-acre section of our Applebutter Road facility. No rezoning is required for this project. The project – including 6 acres of newly lined disposal area and 23 acres of slope cap – is located within the southeast section of the landfill’s existing 201-acre permit area. Waste will be placed on top of the capped portion (approximately 23 acres) of the landfill with a new state-of-the-art liner system that complies with all federal and state regulations, as well as the other 6 acres.

The project area is located at the southeast border of the facility. In addition to new liners, a mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) wall similar to one found at the northern edge of our property will be installed, facing out toward Applebutter Road.

An MSE wall is composed of soil backfill reinforced with horizontal layers of geosynthetics and metal wiring to provide a high-tensile strength. It is similar in structure to retention walls you see along highways and other roadways, except the MSE wall does not have a concrete outer face. We follow industry standards and utilize a mix of vegetation that helps the wall blend into its surroundings.

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Why realign now?

The Southeastern Realignment will increase the site’s disposal capacity, allowing Bethlehem Landfill to continue servicing our customers for about five more years. Our continued operation will mean continued benefits to our community in the form of host agreement payments, contributions and taxes.

Does it benefit me?

A healthy local economy is built on job retention and tax paying businesses. Our realignment project will save jobs, maintain tax revenues and sustain host agreement payments to Lower Saucon Township.