Bethlehem Landfill

News: Realignment

Site realignment plans announced

Bethlehem, PA (July16, 2014) IESI announced plans today for a proposed realignment of the Bethlehem Landfill.

The proposed project — including 6 acres of newly lined disposal area and 22 acres of slope cap — is located within the southeast section of the landfill’s existing 201-acre permit area, which is zoned for landfill use.

“After carefully considering all options, we have determined that realigning the landfill within the current permit area as proposed will extend our landfill operations — allowing us to provide ongoing service to our customers and to continue to serve as a contributing member of the Lower Saucon Township business community,” said Sam Donato, IESI District Manager.

IESI officials presented initial details of the effort — known as the Southeast Realignment — to the Lower Saucon Township Council at the governing body’s regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, July 16.

IESI’s Southeast Realignment project does not impact the company’s potential plans to expand west of the landfill. That effort, which involves rezoning land west of the landfill’s current footprint, is still pending approval by the Lower Saucon Township Council.